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We just came off a deload week. That usually means we are switching to a new training cycle, which we are. 

It’s called Grunt Work.

What does that mean? 


Well for the folks that come in every day and do the WOD and go home not a whole lot. You may notice a few workouts tweaked in the direction of getting you to do a few more reps at things like barbell cycling or getting more pull ups/toes to bar in a row, but as a whole our class program is typical crossfit. That is constantly varied, high intensity functional movements. So if you’re coming 4 or more days a week you’re getting a great dose of varied skills, hitting different energy systems and forcing you to adapt in multiple ways. Lets just make sure we keep chasing the intended stimulus. If a workout is meant to be light and fast and we need to hold on for reps, let’s pick our weights that way. If it’s meant to be heavy and slow lets pick our weights appropriately there too. This ensures we get the most out of the program.


For folks doing comptrain extras a new cycle means a lot.


Grunt Work is taking what raw strength you have and making it useful. For example, it’s great to have a big heavy clean and jerk, but not so useful if you can’t cycle reps at medium and heavy weights because you’re only good for one rep. 


So we are going to see some higher reps on those squatting extra days and the return of beast builders, workouts revolving around an olympic lift and holding on for touch and go reps, taking you to your lactate threshold, giving you a little rest, not enough, and making you do it again and again.


The cycle template is still similar to the usual flow. On top of the daily wod 

Mondays back squats and body armour

Tuesdays is that gymnastics skill work, most probably strict and a new inclusion of aerobic capacity work on top of the conditioning workout of the day

Wednesdays. Beast Builder and some midline… Abs

Thursdays recovery day. Do some ROMWOD

Fridays Front Squat work and body armour

And Saturdays the long WOD + some midline stuff. 


This outline will be 90% consistent, but also expect to see some things not listed to pop up on some days too, like olympic lifting technique etc.


So how does the extras work. Do you have to do it all? Can I just do some? Should I do extras? Do I have to do them? 


No you don’t have to do it all, and yes you can just pick the stuff out that helps you towards your goals.


Should you do it? Well that depends. Do you want to do it? Do you have time? Are you eating and sleeping well enough to recover from more volume or will this make you go backwards because of overtraining and lack of recovery? Are you excited to do it? because you may have to do it by yourself. Are you disciplined enough to do it properly? 


If yes then definitely get stuck in it will make you a lot better. If its a no then lets focus up on getting more out of our class workouts and how we eat, sleep and behave the other 23 hours a day. 


See you in the gym

And credit and thanks to comptrain for the program