We pride ourselves on having the highest level of CrossFit coaching on the Sunshine Coast. We’re not about making your weights heavier just so you can get that last rep in… We’re about moving with purpose and.. great form! We’re not going to high five you for smashing something out if it doesn’t look pretty. We don’t want to see anyone hurt we want you to see you continuously back in the gym improving each day. Come on in and meet the team!

Brad Bacon

Head Coach / Owner

Head Coach and Owner Brad Bacon started CrossFit before it was even cool. With 13 years of personal training experience Brad opened CrossFit Mooloolaba in 2010 and has lived and breathed it ever since. His easy going nature makes CrossFit Mooloolaba the place it is and the reason so many people come to train here. When he’s not in the gym smashing out some weights or a (much hated) cardio session, you’ll find Brad researching completely irrelevant facts on Google, learning about politics, science and history, or looking after his large freshwater fish tanks and aquascaping (is that even a word?!).

Qualifications and Certifications:
- CrossFit Level 1
- Certificate 3 and 4 in Personal Training
- Level 1 and 2 FMA Strength and Conditioning

Kaytlin Warner


Kaytlin started CrossFit in 2011 and not only is a killer athlete in the gym but loves CrossFit for the community feel. She works with vulnerable young people through Social Work and loves the CrossFit Community which provides and demonstrates acceptance, guidance, resilience and capability. She brings the female touch to the coaching team and keeps the boys in line! Outside of the gym, Kaytlin enjoys exploring nature, gardening, playing netball and Crafternooning (it’s a thing)!

Qualifications and Certifications:
- Crossfit Certified Coach (CFL2) (Crossfit L1 and L2)
- Crossfit Specialty Courses - Kids, Weightlifting, Mobility
- Bachelor of Social Work
- Cert IV Outdoor Recreation

Brett Fforde


Brett’s CrossFit background is longer than most people’s resume… he started Crossfitting in 2008, and then coaching in 2009. Brett is one of the highest qualified CrossFit Coaches in Australia. He actually runs the head office coaching courses (he works for CrossFitHQ in his not-so-spare-time). Brett describes himself as relentless, persistent and inquisitive and loves spending time with fiance Kaytlin, learning Jujitsu and studying to be a high school maths teacher. If your form is not looking so red hot, Brett will quickly find a solution or alternative movement…

Qualifications and Certifications:
- CrossFit Certified Coach (CFL4)
- Bachelors degree in Sport and Exercise Science
- CrossFit Specialty Courses: (Rowing, Competitor, Mobility, Endurance, Gymnastics, Weight Lifting)

Mike Benson


Beno is our resident funny man… a pun rarely gets past him. He started crossfitting in 2010 and quickly began coaching in 2011 before moving to the Sunshine Coast and joining the CFM team in 2017. Behind his jovial coaching persona you will find a caring, passionate and honest guy who loves nothing more than a good beach hang, catching some waves, indoor rock climbing or a long hike. Beno is a big ambassador for the #vanlife and is often going on an adventure in his beloved van Bessy.. He has a strong personal interest in mental illness and aims to one day start a company which aids mental wellness projects and strategies.

Qualifications and Certifications:
- Cert 3 and 4 in fitness
- CrossFit Level 1 and 2
- CrossFit Kids
- CrossFit Mobility
- Crossfit Rowing
- Club Weightlifting Coach
- Punchfit Trainer

Paul Daly


Paul (or PD) has newly moved to the Sunshine Coast with his family having come from CrossFit Brisbane in 2017. PD is like a silent assassin, unassuming quiet guy that will come out of nowhere and beat most people in a workout. He has five years CrossFit Coaching experience with specialties in mobility and weightlifting. When PD is not training or coaching, you’ll find him chowing down on some Thai food, playing with his dog, seeing the sights of the world with his family or yelling at the TV when the Broncos are playing.

Qualifications and Certifications:
- CrossFit Level 1 Coach
- CrossFit Mobility
- CrossFit Weightlifting
- First Aid Certificate

Dan Clark

Assistant Coach

Dan joined Crossfit Mooloolaba two years ago and very quickly fell in love with the sport. Dan is the newest member of the CrossFit Mooloolaba Coaching Team and has earned himself the nickname “Dan for the People”. He is always encouraging athletes and organising team / community activities and the people love him for it. Outside of the gym, Dan is footy mad! You’ll find him barracking for the North Melbourne Kangaroos, ACT Brumbies & Mighty Noosa Dolphins! He actually won the reserve grade most improved trophy for Noosa Dolphins in 1994 (no thats not a typo, he’s still holding on to that!).

Qualifications and Certifications:
- Crossfit level 1 coach
- Degree in Civil Engineering
- Qualified Chef
- Certificate 3 in Massage Therapies