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The fact that I've been driving to Mooloolaba for the past 5 years when I live in Caloundra says it all!!
Great coaching and most of all the community!!

Naomi HillCaloundra

Recently moved to Mooloolaba for work and have been training with the Crossfit Mooloolaba crew for a few months now, the atmosphere is better than any I have experienced and the coaches are all fantastic in every way from people skills to knowledge in all aspects of Crossfit. Joining these guys was the best decision I could have made.

Jayden Hansford

I started with CrossFit Mooloolaba a year ago, I was pretty new to CrossFit and didn’t have much of an idea but more then anything I couldn’t believe how nervous/scared I was heading into it my first session and even having a background as a Personal Trainer. It took me at least 4 weeks of procrastinating before taking leap of faith and walking into my first CrossFit session. Safe to say I wish I did it sooner. Not only are the coach’s outstanding the community is one of the most welcoming you’ll ever come across.

I also had chronic back pain for 3 years prior to starting (which was my concerns heading in) but with such a huge focus on form and movement quality I was pain free within 2 months and haven’t had an issue since.

If you are a newbie to exercise, a CrossFit pro or just want to get fit and healthy my advice would be to get down to CrossFit Mooloolaba, you will honestly not meet a more genuinely passionate crew of legends.

Dylan RobertsSippy Downs

For the past 6 or so years I have walked through the CrossFit Mooloolaba doors at least 4-5 times a week. That’s about 1400 times. The great chat and banter, the likeminded factual conversations, the fitness, the goal achievements, the socialising, the great friendships created. All I can hope is I’m still walking into this place for the rest of my fitness career. If you feel stuck and need something different to make that lifestyle change, give it a go, your life will change for the better, particularly at CrossFit Mooloolaba.

Emma HayesMooloolaba

Crossfit Mooloolaba isn't just a gym. It's a healthy fitness community full of likeminded people. Being apart of this community for 6 + years is a testimony to the positive impact it has had on all areas of my life. It is a fitness process. A process where you are supported by amazing coaches. No matter your level of fitness you are welcomed and supported with open arms. I would urge anyone to immerse themselves in this community and enjoy all that Crossfit Mooloolaba offers.

Sarah HayesMooloolaba

CrossFit Mooloolaba is the perfect combination of skillful coaching and infectious camaraderie. That foundation has pushed me to achieve things I never thought possible. What I found at CrossFit Mooloolaba was something I never knew was missing in my life. Now that I have it, I can't imagine my life without it.

Katrina SweetBli Bli

CrossFit Mooloolaba has a great atmosphere and community feel. The coaches are super friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. They break things down so that you understand how to do things correctly and improve. I highly recommend CrossFit Mooloolaba to anyone, no matter your age, and current physical fitness level.

Roger BoumBuderim

I’ve been training at Crossfit Mooloolaba for nearly 5 years under the support and guidance of the incredibly knowledgeable coaches! I’ve recently trained throughout my pregnancy (and back into it 7 weeks postpartum) and felt safe and supported throughout the whole experience! Most importantly though the community is like a family, I’ve made lifelong friends in the box (including my husband).. it’s become a second home and training there is one of the best parts of my day! Couldn’t recommend this place more!

Steph BemisMaroochydore

Joining CrossFit Mooloolaba was the best decision I made when I moved to the Sunshine Coast last year. I will be forever grateful for the community who made me feel welcome right from the start.The high level of coaching is nothing like I have ever experienced before - their integrity, wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise are second to none. CrossFit Mooloolaba is basically my second home and I couldn’t be happier.

Melanie GhikasAlexandra Headlands

June 2017, after many years of always finding an excuse not to exercise, I was convinced to try CrossFit by my 14 year old son. I didn’t have any background in weight training, hasn’t run since high school, and had no idea what CrossFit was, but decided this would be a great opportunity to improve my fitness while spending time with my teenage son. Ten months later, my levels of strength, flexibility, cardio and coordination have improved beyond my expectations. 46 years old, I am far fitter and stronger than at any other time in my life.

The coaches set a competitive, yet supportive environment. They are very mindful of correct technique and spend time breaking down the movements into simple steps in order to move well. I’m not the fastest or strongest in the classes, and there are still movements I can’t do, but the workouts there are always scaling options, so it’s easy to set personal goals and see improvements all the time.

If you’re serious about getting fit, I would recommend CrossFit Mooloolaba to anyone no matter of your age, physical fitness or physical ability.

Fiona KleibergBuderim
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