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Firstly Congrats to the Semper Paratus Athletes who competed on the weekend. You all had an infectious positive attitude and really got stuck into the work. It was a pleasure to watch and compete alongside you all. Take your time recovering. If you are really sore and fatigued, still come in and move but scale the workouts a heap and ditch the intensity.

What about everyone else?


We have a bit of dumbbell practice this week with some movements we don’t do a lot. Single arm hang clean and jerks and front squats. There is a really high chance the dumbbell will be in the open coming up so it’s a great idea to be comfortable with them.

Double unders

Two double under sessions this week. Both are 30 rep sets so not a crazy high number but a significant enough volume that giving your calves some love should be on the timetable this week. Also we know there’s an even higher chance double unders will be in the open so practice here makes sense too. Here’s a video on some tips to help you out

Slooooooow pause squats

I know I know, this is everyone’s favourite movement. I’m sure you already know the reason behind this one but I’ll repeat the message. Slowing down and pausing in our squats really forces us to load some muscles that we may neglect when we move faster. Particularly when our mechanics change due to the increase in speed or load. This helps to strengthen the weaker muscles like the hamstrings, groin and glutes which may get ignored if we bounce off those knees (never a good idead) and squat on our toes.

Strict everything

We have a kinda un-partitioned Murph like workout without the runs. Biggest thing you need to know to succeed on the push ups and pull ups, start out with very small sets right from the start. Break often. More often than you think… Like heaps…

Barbell cycling

Snatches, clean and jerks, deadlifts, we have them all. The volume is significant so make sure you hinge with your hips and not your spine. Make use of the blocks if you’re tight. One of the workouts is a repeat of “Randy”, 75 light snatches for time. Don’t underestimate this workout. You may be able to bend your back and just get the workout done without damage but it’s never a good idea, and this weeks lifting from the floor volume makes it an even worse idea. Lift well so you can back up a few days later with a heavier barbell WOD.