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The end is nigh. The end of January that is (I can hear the parents rejoice). So by now we should have failed our new year’s resolutions and we can begin to set some real targets for what we really want to accomplish in 2019. More to come on this after we crush the open.


So what’s happening in the program this week?


Snatch city

We have a very short 5min snatch AMRAP that increases weight every 3 reps for 5 sets. The key to success here is simple. You will get plenty of warm up time to build up and find what you think is a heavy weight. Think something between 80-90% of your max. By the time you reach the top weight your legs and lungs will be gassing. So make sure it’s something you can nail when you feel like you’re getting nailed. Also any teams doing Semper Paratus this weekend. This is a very similar ladder to Workout 1.


Tabata Gymnastics

It’s a great WOD alternating between lower and upper body. It starts with handstand push ups and moves to single leg squats before switching back to push ups and finishing with jump lunges. Best part about this day is we are putting some time into learning how to take command of our shoulders. So if this is a workout you would look and think I should avoid this so I don’t jerk up my shoulder. You should definitely rethink that and get in and learn how to create a shoulder position that sets you up for some long term “gainz” instead of long term “painz”…


An infinite AMRAP of light barbell stuff

Ok maybe not infinite but it may feel like it. Light barbell amraps seem to last longer because the bar is so easy to move at the beginning, but therein lies the strategy. Start slow. Slower than you think. If you think you will have to break later in the workout then break from your first round. Anyone who has done a long light barbell workout can tell you, they really build your engine.


Get in and attack this one, by that I mean pace it slow and attack the last 5mins.


My first ever crossfit Workout

You may look at it and think how boring. I did the first time I did it, and I payed the price. It’s so simple. It’s 4 rounds of run 400m and 50 air squats. Looks boring right? The simplicity is the key to why this is such a great workout. You know you can run, even if it’s slow. You know you can do 1 air squat at a time. However you can’t seem to come up with an honest reason why you should rest. There is no reason to rest.


In hindsight I love this workout, in all it’s simple glory. All you can do is work. Just remember to start slow and pace your first 2 rounds. You can always sprint the last 2 if need be


Open Gym

Again we have a variation of the same components. However this week I’ve named what the purpose of each is. They are

Huff and puff (cardiovascular endurance and stamina) – Building your workout engine and learning to pace

Upper body/gymnastics strength – Getting stronger up top. Help you progress your pull ups, muscle ups handstand etc

Midline/core metcon – Make you sweat and get a 6 pack… win win

Lower body strength – Get stronger pegs and learn how to use hammies and glutes. Help your barbell lifts like snatch and clean.

Rep cycling/grip endurance – Engine building and efficiency of repeating reps at things like barbell/Dumbbell lifts or pull up/toes to bar etc.


Now there are more workouts there than days to do them. The intention is not to do them all but to pick what’s most relevant to you. Also if you can’t find them on beyond the whiteboard make sure you go into tracks you follow and tick follow open gym.