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What’s happening this week?



We have two lifting days this week


  1. Front squats – Pretty simple session of 7 sets of 3. However the emphasis is going to be on your tonnage. That is to say how much weight you lift over the whole session, not just in one set. When we put this one on the whiteboard the score will be your total, not your heaviest or your range. Eg if you lift 100kg for each set your total will be 2100kg (7x3x100). However if you build to the same weight at say 5kg per set from 70-100kg your total will be 1785kg. It’s easy to see from this that the first method is more work which is the goal.
  2. Split jerks – Not a skill we get at very often. So we approach differently. It’s the same rep scheme however for a lot of us the increased technical requirements of the jerks will mean a bit more changing of the weights to find what is a good working weight. The goal should be to find a good weight for the last 2-3 sets. In summary you’ll probably build for a few sets, then try to hold the same weight for a few.



There is one metcon of mention this week. It has everyone’s favourites. Rowing, running, double unders and wall balls. What you need to know.

  1. This may transform you into a superhuman being
  2. You have to no rep yourself – Get ready for the open. During that someone will be no repping you. So better you prepare yourself now.
  3. Your approach will make or break the intent of the workout

Let’s break it down. It will be long, 20-30mins, and gassy. The intent is to make you move for those 20-30mins. There are 3 rounds of wall balls to do. They are 50/35/20 and when you first pick up the ball the intent is to keep it moving. I don’t mean unbroken but just having one, maybe two strategic very short rests. The ball you pick will determine your success at this. It’s easy to go too heavy and be breaking every 5-10 reps, but it’s hard to go too light. If you begin with a ball and you fear it’s too light and easy, then just keep going. Do all 50/35/20 unbroken. Then make a note on beyond the whiteboard after the session that you did the workout without needing a rest and it was easy. If it feels easy to start but you break once or twice per round make a note that the weight was either perfect or… You broke for no reason and your mental game is an area you need to work on.


Gymnastic skills

There is so much gymnastic work available to help you progress as much as possible before the open. We have today’s ring dips and more strict muscle ups later in the week. Heaps of abs (you can’t do gymnastic movements without abs). There are chest to bar pull ups practice in the open gym program and strict pull ups in extras (note there are no pull ups in wods this week).

What you need to know

  1. Do as much gymnastics as you can. It will pay off
  2. Make sure you warm up and prepare your shoulder properly before you do them
  3. Move with virtuosity. That is to say don’t just do them well, no, rise a standard above well
  4. Take care of your recover – Eat properly, sleep enough, soft tissue work etc


Open preparation

The increased focus on no repping yourself in wall balls isn’t the only prep we will do for the open. Saturday’s workout will break from being a team workout to a no rep your partner workout. This is to get you confident enough to no rep each other and used to being no repped without biting someone’s head off. Special note – If you want to test your friendship with someone judge them on saturday and uphold a really high standard. You make come out of it better friends, or you may not talk for a week.