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Thank you to everyone for such an awesome christmas party and for really embracing the pool workout. I hope it was a gassy for you as it was for me.


What’s in the program this week?


More Snatches

Last two weeks we’ve had an emphasis on that second pull. This week we still have that emphasis but we are going to put more focus on the first pull. That means we are going to learn more about controlling the bar from the floor to the thigh before we initiate that explosive second pull that you’ve all been practising so well.

Things you can do to help?

  1. Look after your hip mobility – It’s hard to control off the floor if you’re struggling to get down there.
  2. Slow it down – The explosiveness doesn’t happen on the floor. The goal is to get the bar to your hips whilst still being balanced and in a strong body position.

To finish the snatch session off we are throwing Isabel at you. The goal here is to do 2 big sets of touch and go. You want to be able to get over half your reps done in those two sets. Think something like 10 and 5 or even 15 and 10. Then finish off with 1’s and 2’s. It’s a flat out sprint not a pacing workout.



That is to say 3 big leg endurance WOD’s. We have plenty of Wall balls (Karen), lunges and my favourite for the week a 21/15/9 Overhead squat and box jump.

Why leg endurance?

  1. You will need some fit legs come the open.
  2. It will give you a perkier butt and shapely legs. Who wouldn’t want a more perkier butt?


More Strict Gymnastics/Upper body strength

I promised you a month or real building up your strength up stop. Also if you regularly check on the program you will notice a lot of strict work on their program lately as well. These are usually hints for the open.

What do we have?

  1. Again we have another opportunity to play with strict muscle ups. Make sure you take the chance  before the work sets to have a play with banded muscle ups and/or have a crack at getting your first. Already have strict muscle ups, then have a go at this bad boy, the forward roll to support. It reinforces the importance of keeping tight and having a secure false grip.
  2. Presses. Plenty of overhead presses. Just make sure you keep it strict and don’t let your legs or back rob your shoulders of the work.
  3. “Wade”. This is a hero Workout we will be doing on saturday. It has pull ups, dips and handstand push ups. All strict. The Rx version calls for a 9/6kg weight vest too. If you wanted to purchase a weight vest I’ll post some links below.



We have Have a repeat of the extras hollow rocks, and the farmers/front rack/overhead carries. Both great Ab buildiers plus we introduce some woodchoppers. Great on to those extras if you want ab’s for chrissy.

Oh and there might be a WOD with a gazillion V-ups too. Just remember there’s no such thing as having too good abs.


Again faster have two types of weight vest. The more expensive of the two is a great weight vest that fits really well. It wont bounce as much as other types and the plate will sit against your body a whole lot better. This is their direct competitor with the 5.11 version used at the games. Go to

Bullit fit have a really cost effective vest. Great value for money. They don’t come with a laser cut molded plate but they’re a third of the cost of the again faster and nearly a quarter of the cost of the 5.11 vests. It also doesn’t come with any weight. Instead it comes with a foam pad. You go out and buy a pair of weight plates (2x5kg for boys and 2×2.5kg for girls- unless you can find plates in pounds) and cut a hole into the foam that the plate fits in. Remember that’s a plate at the front and a plate at the back. If you have troubles ask Coach Dan. He just purchased one of these. Go to

5.11 supply the vests at the games. It’s fair to say these are the standard but with plates included well over 300 bucks. You can get the whole kit at Rogue australia but only in black. If you wanted the  military look sandstone you’ll have to go to 5.11 but then still order your plates through rogue. To get to Rogue go to or you can go to 5.11 at