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Nov 12-18

So what’s happening this week with the program??? Well I’m in Bali so I just programmed all the stuff I would never do… Only kidding…. Or am I?


Well the first thing you will notice this week is all the open gym workouts are now posted to Sunday not Monday.


This week’s Metcons

  • We have a return to the heavy back squats in for reps like the Linchpin test but this time it’s coupled with toes to bar… a lot of toes to bar, so pick your toe to bar option wisely and don’t toast your hands on day 1.
  • We also have two Hero workouts both simple in design but they are long and will make you huff and puff. Check them out they are “Dork” and “Bert” and have a read about the people they are written about and reflect upon their sacrifice.



  • Muscle ups are making a come back as a skill piece in preparation for the open. Make sure you apply deliberate practice with the express purpose of developing the movement. Skill work is the chance to make a real change but it only works if you deliberately control your form.


We have another two strength days on our plate as well.

  • One is a squat clean complex breaking the clean up into its constituent parts so we can work on each piece.
  • The other is all about pressing overhead. General meat and potatoes grunt work. Try to pick and weight and stick to it across all sets. Don’t let yourself slack off by counting warm up sets as work sets


In the open gym

  • we have some more running but this time in intervals to help us train the body how to hold a faster pace on those longer distances.
  • The dumbbell WOD is all pulling back muscle work as it’s reflective of all the pushing involved in the program this week.
  • The pegboard has made a comeback and it’s tied up with the assault bike (everyone’s two favourite exercises).
  • If you’re lacking hammies then get after the sled push modified dumbbell DT WOD. It’s will put hammies on your hammies


My simple most important tip for the week- This week involves a bit more skill and technique. Employ the principle of deliberate practice. If your form suffers, forgo the huff and puff and slow down/lighten the load to make the technique changes necessary to improve. Just remember that going slower and lighter doesn’t automatically fix your technique. You are the key. You have to also adjust your approach.