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Track Workout

3x400m w/ 4min rest between efforts – Alternate 50m sprint followed by 50m easy jog.


3x(200m, 100m, 100m) with 4min rest between efforts

Track Workout Details

Sprint 50m, easy jog 50m (just above walking pace), repeat until you complete 400m, rest 4min…perform 2 more rounds.

Rest 2 additional minutes then

Run 200m at a hard tempo (90% perceived exertion), easy jog 100m (just above walking pace), and end with a 100m sprint. Then rest 4min…perform 2 more rounds

Row Workout

7 rounds

2min moderate, 3min hard, 1min easy, 1min rest

Total: 49min

Don’t kid yourself this is a tough workout

Row Workout Pacing

Easy pace: Athlete picks their easy pace

Mod pace: 2000m PR pace/500m plus 10-15 sec.

Hard pace: 2000m PR pace/500m plus 5-10 sec.

Swim Workout

400 (100 each: swim, kick, pull, swim)

6×50 (25 free/25 any drill)

3×150 w/ 45sec rest (100 kick w/ fins, 50 swim w/ fins)

300 easy pull

1×100 sprint final 25

1×100 sprint final 50

1×100 sprint final 75

1×100 sprint

150 cool down

2000 Total