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What’s happening this week? Well christmas for starters. That means we have a few days off to see family (you know the folks you spend the rest of the year avoiding), and getting sick presents like a years supply chocolates and handkerchiefs because you didn’t tell your auntie you really wanted a 5.11 weighted vest or a new RX zeus rope.


But what about training?


The goal of the week is to get moving again. The time off was a good opportunity to deload the body and recover from the last few weeks, which were very tough. Hopefully this takes care of any niggles and if the rest doesn’t take care of those niggles you need to book into a professional asap and get those things fixed.


Thursday is pretty simple. We have some strict pull ups to do as a strength piece then a simple metcon of burpees and sit ups. The intention and goal hers is to just move again and blow out the cobwebs. If you had a big chrissy then take the scaling option of a shorter workout by making it an AMRAP.


Friday we get to toss some heavy weights around with some hang power cleans. Goal here is to keep up our practice of getting to our extension but there is a second goal of making sure that when the weight gets heavier you can still safely catch it by getting deeper under it. We will finish the session off with one of those good old sprint chippers. Remember to throw caution to the wind on these and move as fast as possible


Saturday… Murph. Need I say more?

Yeah I think I do.

You can do it as a team or individual however there is a hard 45min time cap. If you are unlikely to make the time make sure you team up. Keep in mind that it’s a long WOD and it’s hot (remember the 12 days of christmas?). Add on to that the impact of christmas pudding and beers and wine and you probably won’t be able to touch your PB pace unless you want to finish like Kara Webb at the 2015 Games. Start out steady. Steadier than you normally would


Open gym this week is only two workouts and they are posted on tuesday. One is the standard endurance pieces we have been doing that uses running, rowing and the bike. The other is a disgusting AMRAP of GHD sit ups and Dumbbell clusters. That one will put hairs on your chest and make you superhuman, maybe.


Remember enjoy your time off guilt free, and we can get back on the wagon at the end of the week.