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I would like to give a massive congrats to everyone who participated in some way, shape or form in the open. You blew me away with your attitude, character and the strength of community you all displayed.

We had so many people give their time up to judge one another, some of whom weren’t even competing but just wanted to come and help out. You guys all amazed me. As humans there is always one thing we can appreciate another human doing for us. That is giving us your time. Unlike money or goods, we cannot make time or get it given back to us. So when someone gives us their time it really means something special as we know you could be spending that time elsewhere, but you chose to spend it on us. I hope you understand from my point of view, how appreciative I am and how much I value your time.

We also had an epic cheer squad. Seriously thank you to those that came and cheered, trust me it helped. To all participants that had folks come and cheer who won’t see this post make sure you thank them. We won’t forget that all of these awesome humans came and gave us their time to support us.

To everyone who competed, I cannot think of a single person who didn’t get a thousand times more than their money’s worth. Make sure you do not overlook this. For some of us it was a first bar muscle up, PB clean or some other accomplishment, that without the pressure of the open wouldn’t taken another 6-12 months to achieve. It’s also a lesson in where you now need to apply your focus and energy as we move on. For every single one of us it’s a lesson that fitness means work capacity, and no matter how smart we try to be, we cannot escape the fact that it requires work. Personally my biggest lesson this open has been the understanding between surviving a workout and really “working”. I suffer in both, but it’s my consistent hard work that grants me results, not my desire to drop the bar and take a knee. My goal moving forward is to better judge between pacing and going soft.

This biggest thing the open gives us is momentum. We just got a years worth of training experience in 5 workouts. We just learn’t so much about the person we are right now, and the person we strive to be. If we choose to acknowledge the lessons and apply our efforts moving forward in our strong community, who give time to each other. Then we can move forward towards our goals with the confidence that we will crush them.

I have a goal for this next 6 months that I want you all to share with me. The next 6 months are our winter months. These are the months that we start to slack off and reduce our training frequency. Our goal is to pull each other through these months. When someone you train with misses a session, send them a text. When someone wants to slack off and coast it home on a workout, get in there and fire them up to finish with purpose. When you go into survival mode, tell the coach so we can help you out. In essence our goal is not to just get through the next 6 months work hard with purpose for the next 6 months and smash our goals.

I am proud of you all.
Brad Bacon

Crossfit Mooloolaba Sunshine Coast. The first CrossFit gym in the Maroochydore, Buderim, Mooloolaba area.

Crossfit Mooloolaba Sunshine Coast. The first CrossFit gym in the Maroochydore, Buderim, Mooloolaba area.